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Reviewers Love
Women in Shadow and Light

Winner Book of the Year
from the Independent Publisher's Group (IPPY)

"Thank you for the work you do," Dr. Maya Angelou

“[A]n inspiring tribute to the power of a woman and the beauty that arises out of the ashes of a fire that once threatened to suffocate the essence of God’s most stunning creation: woman.”—Dian Moore, Book Pleasures Read the entire review here.

[A] compilation of powerful words and images that hit the reader kapow—right where they should, in the spirit. It's enough to send a person soaring.—Connie Gotsch, host of “Write On Four Corners,” KSJE

This is an important work because it demonstrates how far abused women can come in their recovery. We rated it ♥♥♥♥♥ [highest honor]—Heartland Reviews

"Women in Shadow and Light is a stunning piece of artwork. [A] collection of personal stories and beautiful and emotional black and white photographs. This book is incredible." —Roundtable Reviews

"This work, I believe, will give hope to thousands of women to take that first step to freedom."—Book Review Café

“Women In Shadow And Light is especially recommended reading for anyone struggling with verbal, physical, or emotional abuse within their own lives, as well as for those who enjoy the blending of photography and text to portray memorable examples of the human condition in our contemporary times.”—Midwest Book Reviews

“[These] women you cannot help but respect, admire, love. It’s astonishing, but this book really is a celebration.—Head Butler.com

“[A] most unusual and inspiring book... [t]he photos are excellent and evocative.”—Bookviews

"Women in Shadow and Light by Jan Goff-LaFontaine, accurately and sensitively captures the struggles of women who have been victimized by abuse and their strength to heal. This is a unique presentation of women’s enduring spirit in the face of such dehumanization.

"The stories reflected on these pages are from real women, embracing their histories of victimization and moving beyond the pain to take hold of their own power and beauty. By gently holding the vulnerability and strength of their stories, Jan Goff La Fontaine offers us a glance into the courage of each woman to tell her truth—the strength to look inside and find the power—to guide them through the pain of abuse and reclaim their lives.

"Through the perceptive eye of her camera, Jan Goff-LaFontaine masterfully frames each woman’s emergence from that journey, as beautiful, powerful, wonderful and whole. The privilege to peek into these very private and painful places, as the women share how they came to reclaim their personal power, is a generous and invaluable gift. In doing so they spread hope for all who have known such violence and are role models for each of us."—Elena Marie DiLapi, LSW, QCSW Director, University of Pennsylvania Women’s Center

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Praise from Authors

"When one person is brave enough to voice what the rest of us are afraid to admit; when one person will bring into the light that which has been hidden; when one person will stitch back together the scattered pieces of shattered lives, then we are all made whole. This is what Jan Goff-LaFontaine has done—with beauty and power—in Women in Shadow and Light, and for that we should all be grateful." —Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute, author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

"When Jan Goff-LaFontaine approached me at the "Women and Power" conference in New York with her book, Women in Shadow and Light, I was struck by how much her work resonated with my own experiences of childhood abuse; living in abusive relationships and believing, for so long, that I simply could not take care of myself . . . . Whether it is at a kitchen table, on a park bench or from the driver’s seat in a mini van, women tell stories about themselves and their lives. They tell stories that heal themselves and other women. They tell stories that teach lessons. Women in Shadow and Light tells their stories so that we may all learn the lessons of healing." —Iyanla Vanzant, best-selling author and founder of Inner Visions Worldwide, from the foreword.

When I first began to hear the stories of survivors of child sexual abuse, I was deeply moved by the strength and beauty these women had retained through such devastating experiences. Women in Shadow and Light takes me directly to that feeling. Jan Goff-LaFontaine has given us images which are rich in power and pleasure, affirming the beauty of both our bodies and our spirits. An inspiring book."—Ellen Bass, co-author of The Courage to Heal


"Light from the Shadows: Photos and Narrative Weave a Journey from Abuse to Healing"Women's Press feature story

"Women in Shadow and Light is unlike most books that delve into this topic. Instead of being text-heavy and full of counseling suggestions, Goff-LaFontaine attempts to bring peace to troubled lives. The style of the book is unexpected."—Good Times Weekly

"Abuse Victims Drop the Veil of Secrecy"—Santa Cruz Sentinel

"The photos are all black-and-white, but the images are very different."Monterey County Herald

"Women in Shadow and Light is a beautiful, moving and powerful testament to the courage of survivors everywhere." NJCASA Newsletter

"'Shadow and Light' documents journeys from abuse to healing"—St. Paul Pioneer Press

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